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Our books were in ciaos prior to Erika taking them over. Within a couple of months she brought our severely behind AR up to date. This wouldn’t have been possible without her expertise. 

– Carol G

Midori helped our Team focus on what we do best: Selling Metal Buildings.  We do not have to worry about the hassle of consistent book entries and hovering over an employee all day.  Now I can run my business with one less stress.

 -Topher H

This company is great! I have a small crafting business that started gaining some traction. It really helped me take care of the one thing I couldn’t figure out. I am still using them today!

– Joan F.

Who can use a bookkeeper

The Small Business Bookkeeping Timeline

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How are we different?

Midori Bookkeeping is a U.S. based team with many years of experience in a variety of industries including entertainment, machinery, nonprofit, construction, and real estate to name a few. We can do so many more!


We do bookkeeping and payroll for small businesses that do not have the need for a full-time bookkeeper or in-house payroll. Our team at Midori Bookkeeping really enjoy working with businesses that range from startup to established to growing businesses.


Your books should provide you insight to how your business is doing and where you can grow.


By having this, your business can make the best decisions.


We are more than bookkeepers, we are your biggest ally!

Simple & Stress free

Midori Bookkeeping is ready to help you reclaim your time and do what matters most, running your business.


Eliminate the stress and have piece of mind knowing that your books are being taken care of. 


As a client, you can contact us at any time, whether you are having a bookkeeping concern or even if you have general questions.

Midori Bookkeeping Can

More affordable than you think

Outsourcing your bookkeeping is more affordable than you think. You will save time and money the moment you hire us by:

– Not having to train or oversee your in-house bookkeeper

– provide wages, benefits, payroll taxes, Paid time off, and office equipment

– it will decrease the amount you would owe to your CPA because they would not need to clean up months of unreconciled, messy books.


A remote bookkeeper will still provide you all the value you could get from an in-office bookkeeper but at a fraction of the cost. We will take it off your hands and bring you piece of mind. Rest assured that your books will be organized year-around and ready for tax season. 


Let’s schedule your FREE consultation today!

How it works

1.Schedule a Consultation

You have taken the first step in eliminating the stress your books.


Once we are aware of your interest, we will send you a questionnaire. By filling this out, we will be able to put a proposal for your consultation meeting.


2. Consultation

We will meet via video chat or in person to discuss your business needs. 


You will also receive a personalized proposal based on the questionnaire you already filled out.

3. Post-Consultation

After the consultation, if there are any adjustments, we will amend your proposal until we are both ready to begin.



4. Set Up

Our set-up process is straight forward and hassle free. 


Midori Bookkeeping will work with your staff to get all the necessary documents and information, so we will be ready to launch.

5. Launch

The day you have been waiting for is here. 


Prepare to have the tedious and time consuming tasks removed from your day to day activities as we launch our services.

6. Relax

As a dedicated bookkeeper, we provide business owners time to concentrate on running their business – which is their true passion.


If you would like, At the end of the month, we can review your books with you.


Otherwise, We’ve got you covered.