Here is an outline of the seamless process of transitioning with us

How it works

1.Schedule Consultation

You have taken the first step in eliminating the stress your books.


once we are aware of your interest, we will send you a questionnaire. By filling this out, we will be able to put a proposal for your consultation meeting.


2. Consultation

We will meet via video chat or in person to discuss your business needs. 


You will also receive a personalized proposal based on the questionnaire you already filled out.

3. Post-Consultation

After the consultation, if there are any adjustments, we will amend your proposal until we are both ready to begin.



4. Set Up

Our set-up process is straight forwards and hassle free. 


Midori Bookkeeping will work with your staff to get all the necessary documents and information, so we will be ready to launch.

5. Launch

The day you have been waiting for is here. 


Prepare to have the tedious and time consuming tasks removed from your day to day activities as we launch our services.

6. Relax

As a dedicated bookkeeper, we provide business owners time to concentrate on running their business – which is their true passion.


At the end of the month, we can review your books with you, if you would like. 


Otherwise, We’ve got you covered.

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